plated sheet steel
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  • We founded the trading company Meba Steel & Industrial Supplies Trade GmbH in Dusseldorf, Germany, more than 15 years ago, in 2002. Our brand is now a recognised and trusted name both at home and...
    Leverandør av: Steel sheets and strips | plated sheet steel | plates and sheets, ferrous metal | steel sheet | Stål og metaller
  • Special steels, rolled, drawn, peeled, ground, chromium plated, free cutting and stainless steel. Retail sales, suppliers: ABS, ACENTA, TATA STEEL. Give us your specifications by telephone or fax.
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  • ...and specialising in moulding of dished-end plates for all types of tanks and metal containers. Zapè's work includes: cold moulding of sheet metal, deep drawing, robotic plasma cutting, slicing, disc...
    Leverandør av: s/steel sheet bending | Reservoarer av metall | Preging av stål og metaller | Former og modeller | stainless steel tanks
  • ...focussed on the manufacture of kick plates, door protectors, perforated plates, ventilation grilles from aluminium, plastic and stainless steel, as well as all kinds of custom-made sheet metal parts.
    Leverandør av: Beslag til møbler | Jernvarer til byggebransjen | stainless steel cut plates | kick plates | protective plates
  • Ser du dette? Dine potensielle kunder også! Allikevel finner de deg ikke, selv om du er den beste innen din spesialitet! Bli mer synlig med EUROPAGES
  • ...profiles, sheet aluminium, perforated plate, aluminium pipes, stainless steel elbows and junction pieces, anodised aluminium profiles and sheets in different sizes, aluminium fencing components for your...
    Leverandør av: Aluminium og legeringer | Gjerder og porter | aluminium profiles | flanges and collars | aluminium reducers
  • ...and 900 tons of wear material (steel sheets, bolt-on cutting edges, blade steel, wear strips, special profiles) as well as load hooks, side cutters, quick hitch systems, bolts and nuts. We use highly wear-resistant steel...
    Leverandør av: Bygg- og anleggsmaskiner | teeth for excavators | lifting and loading hooks | tyre chargers | machining and processing of highly wear-resistant steels
  • Full installations for extruding films, plates, sheets, tubes, sections, installations for master-batching and compounding, for external coating of steel tubes and for special applications on demand.
    Leverandør av: Stansing av plast - maskinverktøy | Polystyren | Ekstrudering av plast - maskiner | mixers for plastic materials | heat sealing machines for plastic materials
  • ...sheet metal parts and assemblies. The Steel Fabricated Parts Business Unit (Electro Alfa CM) uses a complete line of technologies for sheet metal production, i.e.: steel cutting from coils and sheets, laser cutting for...
    Leverandør av: Platemetall til industrielle formål | Generell mekanikk - bestillingsarbeid | acoustic insulation booths | electrical switchgear | fine sheet metalwork subcontracting
  • Quality made in Germany PFLITSCH sets trends worldwide and crosses established frontiers. Passion for the best solution – is the slogan under which PFLITSCH acts successfully on the market and...
    Leverandør av: Kabelkanaler | cable paths | cable trays | cable glands | quality
  • Throughout the world, Rittal is a leading global provider of solutions for industrial enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure, as well as software and services. The...
    Leverandør av: Skap og bokser - elektrisitet | cases for the electrical industry | electric command and control panels | server cabinets | network and security infrastructure
  • ...up to 6000 x 2000 mm, thickness 40 mm - Metal plate CNC controlled gas cutting up to 6000 mm x 2000 mm, thickness of 150 mm - Water jet sheet metal cutting up to 4000 x 2000 mm, thickness 200 mm - Sheet metal bending. Sheet...
    Leverandør av: Tilskjæring av stål og metaller | Krumming av stål og metaller | Falsing av stål og metaller | metal products and small parts | sheet cutting
  • Leverandør av: Små hjul til møbler | Hjul og små hjul
  • MSENCO METAL CO., LTD is specialized in the manufacturing of metal products. The company is located in Foshan, China. We are also the manufacturing company dealing with stamping, cutting, welding,...
    Leverandør av: stainless steel sheets | stainless steel color sheet | stainless steel mirror sheet | Rør og slanger av rustfritt stål | fireproof panel
  • TRANSFER Stahl-Service GmbH specialises in the stock-holding trade with flat steel products. The company was founded in Langen near Frankfurt (Main) in 1989 and has been headquartered in Konstanz,...
    Leverandør av: steel sheet | steel plates | sheet metal cut plates | Konstruksjonsstål | trading in steel
  • Homberg has become one of the leading specialists for manhole covers thanks to its professional expertise and qualified consulting. At the heart of its success lies the personal exchange between...
    Leverandør av: steel plates | stainless steel sheets | Stål | accessories for welding | waterproofing industrial roofs
  • MULLER ACIERS - LES FERS DE L'EST has specialized in steel imports and exports since 1954, and is recognised as a quality steel trader. We enjoy the excellent relations with the best European steel...
    Leverandør av: sheet plate trade | steel sheet for construction work | Rør og slanger av stål | Bjelker av jernholdige metaller | Stål
  • Technological innovation, laser cutting of sheet metal and stainless steel, engineering design office, even for short runs, samples and prototypes. In-house production, bespoke machining. We work in...
    Leverandør av: Steel sheets and strips | s/steel sheet bending | Platemetall til industrielle formål | Stål og metaller - bearbeiding og tilskjæring | Sveising av stål og metaller - arbeid
  • Distributor and producer of metallurgical products: stainless and special steels, alloy steels (nickel and titanium). First and second grade products: stainless steel tapes (including fastening...
    Leverandør av: stainless steel sheet coil | Stål | Rustfritt stål | coil cutting | titanium and alloys
  • Leverandør av: Steel sheets and strips | galvanized steel sheet products | prepainted sheet bending
  • Leverandør av: steel plates | steel sheet | Salgsservice
  • Leverandør av: steel sheet | Stål
  • Leverandør av: steel sheet | galvanized steel sheet products | Stål | coloured sheets | panel - finishing
  • Leverandør av: Steel sheets and strips | steel sheet | Plater og strammebånd av jernholdig metall | galvanized sheet metal | metal sheets
  • Leverandør av: Steel sheets and strips | steel sheet | Plater og strammebånd av jernholdig metall | sheets made to measure
  • Leverandør av: Steel sheets and strips | stainless steel sheet products | Rustfritt stål | stainless-steel pipes
  • Leverandør av: Steel sheets and strips | galvanized steel sheet products | Stål og metaller - overflatebehandling og -belegging
  • Leverandør av: stainless steel sheet products | Munnstykker av ikke-jernholdig metall | Rør og slanger - ikke-jernholdige | stainless steel - nickel alloys - titanium | nickel and alloys
  • Leverandør av: Steel sheets and strips | Plater og strammebånd av jernholdig metall
    Belgrade - SERBIA
    Leverandør av: galvanized steel sheet products | Jern- og stålindustri og produksjon av metaller - import/eksport | Import/eksport - stål og metaller
    Stockport - STORBRITANNIA
    Leverandør av: Steel sheets and strips | Plater og strammebånd av jernholdig metall | Generell mekanikk - bestillingsarbeid
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