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  • Paganella S.p.A. specializes in transport and storage as well as logistics advice. Continuous activity in the sector since the 1950s resulted in the Paganella family creating the company Paganella...
    Leverandør av: transport of plastics | transport of palletised plastics | Tankbiltransport - granulater og pulvere | logistics | road transport of merchandise
  • Weidner GmbH has more than 60 years of experience to draw on, offering a variety of services and products all throughout the supply chain. We remain true to the concept of "everything from a single...
    Leverandør av: plastic transport containers | transport | Lagerbeholdere | Tungmetallkonstruksjon | environmental technology
  • Novmax has been specialising in the production of plastics for over 25 years. Our products range includes knotless plastic nets, woven nets, packaging, technical, horticultural, anti-snow, road and...
    Leverandør av: Plast - husholdningsartikler | plastics - household products | plastics - packaging | plastic nets | packaging nets
  • Leverandør av: transport boxes of plastics | Esker av plast | plastic boxes
  • Ser du dette? Dine potensielle kunder også! Allikevel finner de deg ikke, selv om du er den beste innen din spesialitet! Bli mer synlig med EUROPAGES
  • systems as well as repairing and welding plastics. The prowess of our company can be traced to our multifaceted range of products. We offer innovative custom solutions for special applications. In addition to new products, we also provide a repair...
    Leverandør av: Kasser av plast | Behandling av plastmateriale | Kontraktpakking | plastic pallets | plastics manufacturing
  • ...with sales-promoting product presentation. Our product range comprises more than 4, 000 packagings for a wide variety of applications, for example plastic sleeves, boxes, cassettes, cases and transport and storage systems.
    Leverandør av: Forpakning | Plastemballasje | Plast - emballasje | plastic case | plastic packaging
  • customised products. Our range is particularly extensive. The pallets are more lightweight, allowing a higher net loading capacity to be achieved. That leads, in turn, to a lower fuel consumption during transport.
    Leverandør av: Paller | plastic pallets | disposable pallets | chemical pallets | pallet boxes
  • ...containers and canisters for storage and transportation of liquid chemicals and food products. For it’s production we use innovative materials and technology such as high density polyethylene with the...
    Leverandør av: Tønner og fat av plast | Plastemballasje | Emballasje til næringsmidler | pressure caps | containers for cosmetics
  • ...are tested using a state-of-the-art contact angle measurement device, taking into account the temperature and density. Safety data sheets provide information about handling, storage and transport regulations.
    Leverandør av: Blekk | cotton swabs | sanitation | testing | surface tension
  • accordance with the currently applicable legislation and in line with the latest technology. With products made from six different materials (steel, stainless steel, concrete, GRP, PE and PVC plastic).
    Leverandør av: Miljø - tjenester | Dekontaminering av miljøet - tjenester | Oppbevaring - utstyr og systemer | Lagring av farlige stoffer | Sikkerhetsskap
  • ...and tool construction, the processing industry, transportation and logistics, and a wide range of other sectors. As a technological leader, we provide coatings for both large batches and individual...
    Leverandør av: Plater og former til steking | frying pans | non-stick pans | cake tins | pots
  • ...right up to anti-slip mats. In terms of transport technology sectors, AGOFORM offers solutions for caravans, industrial vehicles and construction and agricultural machinery. Our wide range of...
    Leverandør av: Plast - gulvbelegg | Plast - produkter til industrien | Plast - husholdningsartikler | Utkledninger | Plast - produkter til møbelindustrien
  • ...(plastic stops, plastic caps, sleeves and covers) to protect your parts during transport, surface treatment and finish (handles, nozzles …) and wiring management (cable glands, grommets, covers, clips and rivets…).
    Leverandør av: Korker og kapsler av plast | technical moulding of plastic parts | plastic injection | technical-grade plastic parts | plastic hose clamps
  • ...products and plant construction, chairs and furniture, household and white goods and the transport and packaging industry. NEW: INNOVATIVE REFRIGERATED TRANSPORT CONTAINERS FOR FOOD AND PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS
    Leverandør av: Isolerende emballasje av plast | containers, temperature insulating | reefer containers | pharmaceutical transports | plastic carrying containers
  • ...smoothly. We also take care of the packaging and transportation. We have high production capacity to meet the growing global demand. We always look for innovation and work to improve our techniques. Thanks...
    Leverandør av: Engangsutstyr til medisin og kirurgi | Medisinsk utstyr | Import/eksport av medisinsk og kirurgisk utstyr | Vernemasker | Arbeids- og vernetøy
  • ...stacking frames, special load carriers, tubular frame pallets, wooden pallets, steel pallets, plastic pallets, storage and transport pallets, pallet cages, post ballets, handle pallets, steel frames.
    Leverandør av: Paller | plastic pallets | handling trays | stacking frames for pallets | disposable pallets
  • ...with all the machining options of modern plastic technology at our disposal. We are a specialist company certified in accordance with section 19 of the German Federal Water Act (WHG) and are subject to...
    Leverandør av: Rensing av stål og metaller | Varmevekslere | plastic carrying containers | contract cnc manufacturing and machining | air pollution control systems
  • ...objective is to design and to make use of plastic packaging with the best benefit – cost ratio. Excellent location in the middle of the Czech Republic and our concept of logistics ensure quality...
    Leverandør av: transport trolleys | Esker og brett til oppbevaring | plastic containers | plastic storage boxes | plastic bottles
  • ...for aqueous and solvent-based cleaning media. A wide range of accessories, such as mechanical oscillation and lifting devices, cleaning agents tailored to your application, automatic transport systems and more, complete the program.
    Leverandør av: Ultralydsystemer - Omdannelse av plast | Sveiseroboter | welding equipment for plastics | equipment for ultrasonic washing | machines, custom-built
  • Leverandør av: Behandling av plastmateriale
  • Leverandør av: Transport under kontrollert temperatur | transport of perishable goods for import/export | Kjølelagre | Lagerlogistikk | frozen products warehouse
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